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创造年份: 2014

描述:这款字体是与我参赛的同名汉字为一套的拉丁字体。虽然在面貌上与汉字一致,但是在设计过程中需要解决的问题却与汉字完全不同。我试图运用设计技巧模拟中国毛笔绘写拉丁字体的笔形模样,塑造笔形是这款字体设计的关键。The Chinese character fonts with the same name as my entry for a Latin font. Although the outlook is consistent with the characters, but in the design process need to be resolved, but with completely different characters. I tried to use the analog design skills to write Latin fonts Chinese brush painting pen-shaped appearance, shape pen-shaped design is the key to this font.

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