Botanicascent Reversible Packaging Design
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客户:Jay Cee Global Pte Ltd
创造年份: 2013

描述:Botanicascent is a new skin and hair care brand that promotes sustainable living within Singapore community. The objective of this project is to create a cost effective, unique and eye-catching packaging design that stand out from the Singapore competitors. Based on Singapore market research, most competitors’ products are designed using full colours and colour images. Therefore this design is focuses on SIMPLE: Single color; Illustration; Minimalism; Primitive; Locally made; Easy to construct.

标签: soap package  reversible packaging design  cost effective 

This soap packaging was designed in a way that it can be used for two different kinds of soap bars – the handmade and the organic soap bars.

A solid-coloured packaging for the organic soap bar.

Using only folding, no glue, and one colour printing, the beauty of the packaging lies in how a flat piece of material can turns into a floral illustration box with a rolling movement and interlock.

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