Aeolikos Fine Dairy Products
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客户:Aeolikos Fine Dairy Products
创造年份: 2014

描述:Logo redesign, brand identity and packaging for Aeolikos, a company specializing in fine dairy products, based in Lesvos, Greece.The symbol of the logo that was selected to be the brands "ambassador", is a ram (a male sheep)which carries in his fur the brands values: love and care, premium quality-healthy diet, tradition,freshness and flavour. The logos aesthetics (use of black color, use of white in symbols and hand-treated font) are inspiredby the Traditional Greek shadow theatre.

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Aeolikos Symbol

Aeolikos Symbol

Aeolikos Symbol

Aeolikos Logo

Aeolikos Feta in vaccum 200g

Aeolikos Feta in vaccum 200g,anthotyro (soft cheese) in vaccum

Aeolikos Feta 400g

Aeolikos Feta in Tins

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