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创造年份: 2014

描述:ALL IN 蓝钻是一家集德州朴克,餐饮,娱乐,啤酒为一体的会所.但主体是德州朴克,因此用了朴克牌中的K来创作, 老K一手啤酒,一手钻石,下方又有餐盘.把所经营的内容都表达出来.同时在会所里分别再变化为更多的标识出来. 成为一个可变换的标志. ALL IN BLUE DIAMOND CLUB was a clubhouse which integrate the Texas Hole'em, dining,entertainment and beer.But the subject is Texas Hold'em, so used the creation of the card King.The King one hand with beer, one hand with diamond,below is plate.The management content is expressed. Meanwhile could change more logo out in the clubhouse.Become a change symbol.

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