Deaflympics 2017
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所在地:Samsun, TURKEY    
参加比赛:Hiiibrand Awards 2014     获得奖项:Bronze Award / 铜奖
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客户:Turk Deaf Sport Federation
创造年份: 2014

描述:A uniq symbol was combined with the Olympic flame, hearing impaired body language, the concepts of peace and friendship, a pheasant figure that the symbol of the Samsun city.

标签: deaf  sport  olympiad  peace  hand  pheasent  samsun 

Olympiad Logo

Different bacground applications

pigtograms 1

pictograms 2


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Suleyman Kaplan (06/18/15 02:06)
Congratulation on this nice picture as well as previous, thanks to your efforts on producing wonderful designs. Suleyman Kaplan