The Egg And Us
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客户:The Egg And Us
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创造年份: 2011

描述:The Egg And Us is a new breakfast restaurant in Gilman Village, a retail space created from renovated historic farmhouses. We matched the feel by using wood colors. We use an egg, a sausage, and a plate to represent the All-American breakfast. Veggies is added because the local community is generally health conscious. The greens also make the logo more colorful, even more attractive to kids, since the owner wants to market mainly to young families in the neighborhood.

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A very versatile base logo. It makes visits to the restaurant exciting because the cartoon egg gets accessorized. The logo is also made into stickers for the young customers and those who are young at heart!

Egg with Easter Bunny ears, promoting the restaurant in Easter.

Promoting Chef,s Special on the menu and also used in various locations, such as the front desk, windows, and menus.

The restaurant is the only restaurant in the neighborhood that opens in Christmas. This is part of the promotion.

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