Casana Designs Inc.
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客户:Casana Designs Inc.
网址:To be launched January 2012
创造年份: 2012

描述:Casana Designs Inc. designs and produces interior rugs in the highest quality. Its signature works are rugs with various patterns of feathers. Since rugs stay on the bottom of an interior space, it,s just natural that the logo sits on the bottom when applied to business stationary. We keep the color neutral so that the tags attached to the products stay quiet. Website screenshot to be uploaded.

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Casana Logo, light and feathery, representing Casana,s recurring design motif.

Casana Stationary set. Logos sit on the bottom, just like rugs would sit on the bottom of interiors.

The Casana business cards were printed on fabrics, just like product tags.

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