RebornBrand 锐变品牌
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创造年份: 2014

描述:锐变品牌的视觉识别设计,其核心形象源自于英文Reborn Brand以及中文锐变拼音的首字母:R和B。通过在R上添加一笔进行图形重塑, 并且在logo上添加一些简单的图形,便可延展形成全新的企业形象图形,分别为耳,眼,口的示意,这亦是锐变品牌工作方法和工具的展现。耳,代表着倾听与理解,充分挖掘客户的需求;眼,代表着眼未来,纵观行业趋势,并且通过审慎分析,帮客户最终找到品牌解决方案;口,代表着表述与传达,帮助客户将全新的品牌方案传播出去。同时,通过应用于锐变品牌自身的延展应用,这些图形进一步的展现了公司的企业形象和业务模式,使得整体的传播变得生动且深入人心。

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Reborn Brand, as its company name, is also the company’s theory in its working approach. To help clients with their Brand renew or remodeling is their core business. By adding a strong stroke on the letter R, the logo now features 2 letters in one character: the R and the B, standing for the two key words“reborn” and “brand”respectively. A variable key visual could be extended from the logo by adding simple icons, and those brand new images also imply how the company approached its work: to hear, understand and accept the problems, questions and needs of the client, then to see, view the future trends of certain industry and working out solutions after in-depth analysis, at the end, to help the client express, display, and communicate its renewed Brand. These images can further carry out the company’s corporate identity and business model by acting in decorations, stationaries and corporate souvenirs. Making the overall company promotion more vividly.

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