DOMM Restaurant
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客户:DOMM Ristorante GmbH
创造年份: 2014

描述:DOMM is a restaurant in Zurich that offers traditional cuisine from northern Italy. Our client asked for a modern visual image that referenced traditional aspects. We created a pictogram system which incorporates not only the cuisine of northern Italy, but also classic designs and objects from the worlds of fashion, sports, and architecture. The art design style of the past century was the basis of the pictograms’ strict geometrical patterns which were designed using only a few elements. The pic

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Logo and Claim


Detail view of pictograms

Businesscard front

Flyer front and back

Overview stationary

Back of the menuboard

Cover of the Food- and Menucard

First site of the Menucard

Double page of the Foodcard

Double page of the Foodcard


Toilet signs

Door lettering


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