一缕茶香A Wisp of Tea
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客户:一缕茶香A Wisp of Tea
创造年份: 2010

描述:此茶原产自于中国福建安溪,树茶种于高山上,是没受过污染的野生茶.产量少,品种优质.茶品最后再经过传统人工碳焙而成。客户要求包装设计不仅要突出茶的品质及文化,还要便于节约包装的成本,利于环保。This tea provenance is in Anxi,Fujian,China.The tea tree planted in the mountains,is non contaminate wild tea,low production,high quality.Finally,after baking the carbon from the traditional manual.Customer require the packaging design not only to prominent the quality and culture of tea, but also easy to save the cost of packaging, and for environmentally protection.一张细长的标签,将标志及产品说明等信息排版其中,同时也成为包装的封条。

标签: 一缕茶香 

The logo, product description and other information type set on an elongated label which also becomes packaging seals. By two different processes and texture made of packaging formed series products. Made of a carbon baking, choose a low heat for carbon-burning holes out of kraft paper to form the relevant text and images. Another one uses the paper with the natural flavor of the grassy, and with elegant hand-painted illustrations to filling with Chinese tea culture and the characteristics in it. The overall package design is full of simple and unsophisticated flavor and unique visual effects.

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