Aby Warburg Typeface (The Rhetoric of Typography)
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客户:Royal College of Art London
创造年份: 2015

描述:Part of my Final Project at the RCA was the design of this typeface. See the Rhetoric of Typography for more information.

标签: Type Design  Design Research  Student Project  Psychological Research  Font  Font Design  Schriftges 

Aby Warburg is a anachronic TypefaceThis project combines traditionally separate typographic traits from three typefaces that are representative of the factors: “Logos Pathos

The Rhetoric of Typography

This project is the first of its kind (to my knowledge), where a typographer utilises psychological research on fonts in order to create a series of typefaces for a wanted effect. The aim here is not to design a “final” or a „neutral“ typeface but rather investigate what cultural characteristics can be applied to typography. This experiment would look different in other parts of the world. I found that it is not a question of designing a perfect "final" lettershape, but rather that the letters have the right combination of traits to achieve the wanted effect.

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