SEIXE project
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创造年份: 2o10

描述:Seixe is a Portuguese word that comes from the Arab culture and describes a type of rock, very typical on certain rivers in the Portuguese Costa Vicentina e Sudoeste Alentejano natural park.It represents regional and typical high quality products from three different counties in this natural park and from different areas such as handicraft, communication and design.Creative Team: Samuel Nunes and Carmen Marques

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SEIXE da Costa Vicentina e Sudoeste Alentejano logo

100% eco friendly Exhibitor, it was produced by hand by local artisans solely with local and typical materials from the Portuguese Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park such as Cork and Bambu.

Respecting Seixe project philosophy, this object works as Packing and simultaneously as a Exhibitor for Kits of communication flyers.

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