Travellers Club
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客户:Travellers Club
创造年份: 2011

描述:Non-commercial educational project. The task was to create simple and outstanding logotype for the tourist firm or community. Was choosen Travellers Club in England.

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Travellers Club

The Travellers Club is a gentlemens club. The original concept of the club, was to create a place where gentlemen who travelled abroad might meet and offer hospitality to distinguished foreign visitors. The first thing what we imagine thinking about english gentlemen is the bowler hat. The first thing what we imagine thinking about travelling is the map, refering to the history - globe. This two things were connected together forming very clear and curious sign. What makes the logo more breezy is taht it is drawn by hand. This also relates to the main theme of the club - travelling, that means that those people are always on the road, their life is mobile.

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