Winky and Christopher
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客户:Winky and Christopher
创造年份: 2014

描述:Anicent Chinese Lock is used as the main concept of the logomark, which is constructed by the letters C and W with the images of diamond, heart and house. Diamond represents eternity and durability; Heart represents love; House represents combination and unity. This Lock of Love symbolizes the simple and precious love between two individuals. 花旗锁,中国古锁其中一种,以此为发想,标志以英文字母“C”和“W”为构,结合爱、家和永恆的视觉呈现,喻意成家立室,永结同心。标志呈“U”状,有“Unity”之意,象征二人之间坚定不移的爱以及两个个体二结为一,亦表达对美好将来的企盼。

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