bestman man fashion and apparel
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客户:bestman man fashion and apparel
创造年份: 2011

描述:Basic idea of ​​the logo is taken from Greek mythology Nemeon, the king of lions which conquered by Hercules.The logo represent strength, masculinity and wisdom.The symbol also represents the element of legendary as a symbol of dedication and proven quality of the bestman in the fashion world.The figure of a man who carrying a spear and riding a lion illustrated idealism and strengthThe color purple represents the triumph, the king as well as imagination and creativity.

标签: lion  king  man  spear  luxury  wisdom  greek mythology  purple  gold  fashion 

bestman logo

logo in dark background application

bsetman rebranding case

bestman packaging and promotional material

bestman catalogue

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thanks freedots :)
Maciej FREEDOTS Machulak (01/02/12 17:19)
Good work!