No alla Pedemontana
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客户:No alla Pedemontana
创造年份: 2013

描述:Identity for NO! alla Pedemontana, an association against the new works for the Pedemontana Highway in some suburbs of Milan. The new association is the union of three previous boards: Cesano Maderno, Bovisio Masciago and Seveso. The identity is based on a logotype composed by three lines representing the three groups and the triple opposition to the cause. It is a union of forces aiming to the same goal. The shape of the logotype is a reference to the context of the highway as well.

标签: branding  identity  graphic design  pedemontana  highway  social  organization 


Meeting invitation flyers

A series of informative maps have been developed through a modular and flexible layered typeface allowing to represent the different updates of the Pedemontana works.

Infographic t-shirts for manifestations

Protest Helmet

A small Graphics Standards Manual has been developed to uniform the graphic outputs of the three associations

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