Choice of love 爱情选择
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创造年份: March 30, 2013 2013年3月30日

描述:The designing style of my illustration references to the idea of a Chinese folk art named "hairy monkey". "hairy monkey" is a traditional art which combines cicada slough and traditional Chinese medicine. I personally like this abstract artistic image very much. So I learn some ideas about "hairy monkey" and put the image of "hairy monkey" to the 2D illustration, in which the perfect combination of modern art and traditional art formed my style of this illustration.

标签: The designing style of my illustration hairy monkey 插画风格 毛猴 

Our destiny as we think, is, in fact, our own choice. Before fallen in love, there are a variety of imaginary perfect lovers in our mind. They may be tender, or lively, or cold, or gentle. You would never stop seeking in the crowd for the perfect lover you want. Follow your heart, and you are bound to eventually find your destiny.我们以为这是缘分,其实是我们自己的选择。恋爱之前,我们的心里面都会出现各种我们假想的完美爱人。他们或许温柔,或许活泼,或许冷酷,或许绅士。你都会不停地在人群当中寻找你渴望的那个完美爱人。在你自己内心的牵引下,你终究会找到属于自己的缘分。

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