The Three Lucys
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客户:Lee and Low publishing house
创造年份: 2016

描述:Luli likes to sit in the shade of an olive tree with his beloved cats: Lucy the Fat, Lucy the Skinny, and Lucy Lucy. But when Luli and his parents go to the city to see his aunt and uncle one weekend, the cats must stay behind at home.After a fun visit with family, Luli is looking forward to going home and seeing the Lucys. But then Luli’s hometown comes under attack and the family must seek refuge at his aunt and uncle’s house. Luli doesn’t understand what is happening and worries about his pet

标签: war  pets  family  peace  cats 

Luli and his three cats are enjoying the shade of the olive tree on a beautiful Summer day.

Each of the three cats have a different character, Luli loves all three of them.

Luli goes to Beirut with his family to visit his Uncle's family. Beirut is exciting. It is a big city.

They go to a restaurant on the beach. The sunset is beautiful. Luli tells his uncle about his three cats and that they are waiting at home for his return.

Luli is going back home. The moon is full.

Suddenly there are bombs falling from the sky!

They have to turn around to take shelter at Luli's uncle house.

They hide in the basement.

Luli is scared and very worried for his three cats.

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