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客户:Pato Lógico Edições
创造年份: 2014

描述:A boy gets a piggy bank to feed with money. With love and tenderness, the pig rapidly grows into an obese animal full of profits and with trouble controlling its rapacity. The years pass and the pig keeps growing until one day… Capital won the Portuguese Illustration Award 2014. Afonso Cruz is a writer, musician, film director and illustrator. Images that count is a collection of silent books. A space of total creative freedom, for illustrators that tell stories through their art.

标签: silent book  capital  money 

Cover of the book Capital

Inside of Capital. A boy is offered a piggy bank.

Inside of Capital. The boy feeds the pig with money.

Inside of Capital. The boy plays with the pig which is getting bigger.

Inside of Capital. The pig is getting hungrier each day.

Inside of Capital. The piggy is feeding on people.

Inside of Capital. The pig owner flees with fear.

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