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客户:Pato Lógico Edições
创造年份: 2015

描述:He wants to dance, but his body doesn’t comply; she is light and sways. He is restrained and straight; she soars with the rhythm. He lives in a heavy and predictable world, until he discovers that there are weights that should be left behind. Portuguese Illustration Award 2015. João Fazenda works in illustration, drawing, animation, comics and painting. Images that count is a collection of silent books. A space of total creative freedom, for illustrators that tell stories through their art.

标签: silent book  dance  routine 

Cover of Dance (original title Dança)

Inside of Dance. He tries to dance with his wife, but can´t.

Inside of Dance. He prepares to go to work.

Inside of Dance. He leaves to work.

Inside of Dance. He tries to dance at home but breaks everything around him.

Inside of Dance. He comes home to see his wife dancing.

Inside of Dance. After taking off his shoes he can finally dance with his wife.

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