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客户:Pato Lógico Edições
创造年份: 2015

描述:A fisherman sails to the sea in a fishing expedition with his faithful friend. The waves, that looked calm at first, grow bigger, from the deep sea monsters emerge, threatening lightnings fall from the sky. When all seemed lost, the fishery is saved in an unexpected way. Bernardo Carvalho is a co-founder of Planeta Tangerina, a Portuguese publishing house. Images that count is a collection of silent books. A space of total creative freedom, for illustrators that tell stories through their art.

标签: silent book  true?!  fishing  adventure   

Cover of True?! (original title Verdade?!)

Inside of True?!. A man and his loyal friend go fishing.

Inside of True?!. A dark cloud approaches.

Inside of True?!. A big wave hits the little boat.

Inside of True?!. Mermaids try to kidnap the man, but the dog saves him.

Inside of True?!. A thunderstorm hits.

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