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客户:Pato Lógico Edições
创造年份: 2016

描述:Tintin’s rocket-ship, a drum that plays offbeat, an elephant with stripes, a spinning top that’s lazy, a robot looking crazy… There are load and loads of toys filling a room whose cleaning is over due. One day, the toys become alive. Tereza Cortez works in several areas, installation/site-specific, ceramics, animation and illustration. Images that count is a collection of silent books. A space of total creative freedom, for illustrators that tell stories through their art.

标签: silent book  hurly-burly  mess  toys 

Cover of Hurly-burly (original title Balbúrdia)

Inside of Hurly-burly. A kid plays in him messy room.

Inside of Hurly-burly. The room gets messier with each new play.

Inside of Hurly-burly. The mess creates a living creature.

Inside of Hurly-burly. The boy gets scared and runs away from home.

Inside of Hurly-burly. The creature starts disintegrating and the boy has to save it from the trash truck.

Inside of Hurly-burly. The boy saves his toys.

Inside of Hurly-burly. The boy returns to the room and puts everything back in place.

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