Whale's Belly
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客户:Pato Lógico Edições
创造年份: 2014

描述:Sari is a 4 years-old girl with sleepy parents. One morning, tired of waiting for them to wake up, she decides to leave the house and run to the beach to find her friend Azur to sail together. Suddenly a big wave takes her to the sea, right into the wide open mouth of a whale. What will she find inside the whale? António Jorge Gonçalves has worked in Illustration, Cartoon Books, Theatre Art Direction and Digital Live Drawing.

标签: whale's belly  picture book  adventure   

Cover of whale's belly.

Inside of whale's belly. Sari leaves the house to g to the beach.

Inside of whale's belly. Sari goes on a sea adventure with her friend Azur.

Inside of whale's belly. Sari falls off the boat and ends up inside the belly of a whale.

Inside of whale's belly. Sari inside the whale's belly.Outside Azur finds a way to save his friend.

Inside of whale's belly. Sari and Azur go back home.

Inside of whale's belly. Once in land they found Sari's parents awake.

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