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客户:Jainal Amambing
创造年份: 2015

描述:The author which is also the illustrator of this book showwd us the traditional house in his native hometown in Sabah, Malaysia. The house surrounded with green paddy field which is a common sight in this land. Buffalo commonly used to plough the paddy field and other works. The relationship of human and the buffalo in this book actually potrays the everyday life of a boy in this tribe.

标签: illustrations 

Ambau plows the paddy field. In traditional farm, buffalo normally used to plow the paddy field, instead of using machine.

Ambau the buffalo also treated as friend to the owner. To the Asian folks, the bond between the owner and the animal developed because the kind of grew up together.

The buffalo treated as pet. Asian children who live in village, have kind of bond with their pet. Riding the buffalo around the village is a normal past time for them.

In Asian family, having a buffalo not only a symbol of wealth. Buffalo is used to work in paddy field, means of transportation. When the buffalo fell sick, a very good care must be done. Here, the boy, did his really best to cure the buffalo.

Here, the buffalo, Ambau is working on the paddy field. The bonding between the boy and his buffalo, developed love between them.

River is main source of water in the village in Asian country. The villagers fetched water from the river for household use. They took bath in the river as well. Children normally play and swim in the river.

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