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创造年份: 2017

描述:Wilbur is an original story of mine and is about an old traditional man whose life s changes after meeting his daughter s boyfriend

标签: Graphic Novel  Children s book  Wilbur 

When Wilbur was a young man his father regularly stressed the importance of the Lambert family’s six generations clock making heritage.

Wilbur was not only a talented young clock maker, he had a gift for designing unique toys for his daughter Stephanie.

Every Friday Wilbur would walk to the market place to visit the fishmonger Luigi. He would only buy the smallest fish he could find for his feline friend, Frederic, the local alley cat, to the annoyance of the fishmonger’s wife, Giulette.

Unfortunately, times changed and there was little demand for handmade clocks. Wilbur was forced to repair vacuum cleaners, radios, mixers, lamps and anything his neighbors brought him. Mostly, he stayed in his shop and played chess with his best friend Alfred.

Wilbur’s daughter, Stephanie, introduces her new boyfriend Martin to her father in the local pub. To everyone’s surprise Martin takes great interest in Wilbur and his craft as a clock maker.

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