Amelia che poteva volare (Amelia Who Could Fly)
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客户:Illustrator : Daniela Volpari
创造年份: 2015

描述:Daniela Volpari is a young illustrator from Rome. After attending the International School of Comics, She began her career working with publishers in France, Canada and New Zealand where she was noted for her unique illustrations. Her works have been commended and shortlisted in numerous awards. Lately she has become a household name to Italian readers, publishing with Tapirulan, Paramica, Eli, and collaborating with various magazines.

标签: Planes  Female Pilot  Amelia Earhart  Gender Expression  Stereotypes 

Amelia Who Could Fly

An amazing illustrated book that tells the story of little Amelia Earhart, who would laterbecome the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1932. A versatilecharacter, Amelia was and is a fine example of how it can be possible to reconcile therealization of a dream which was unconventional for her time with a femininity whichwas never overshadowed: a style icon who appeared on «Vogue», a «Cosmopolitan»contributor, Amelia also created her own line of clothing.The narrative of Mara Dal Corso relates with freshness and immediacy little Amelia’sgreat desire to fly, and the special, soft illustrations by Daniela Volpari, perfectly matchedwith the style of the decade, add grace and joy to the adventures of Amelia, with abeautiful rendering of the natural environment in which she spent her childhood.

A nonconformist from an early age, as a child, Amelia liked to wear pants (quite unusual for a girl at that time!) and wanted her hair cut short.

That day, I felt like I was in the clouds.I spread my wings… It didn’t last long.But that was when I knew that flying was what I was meant to do.

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