Amali e l'albero (Amali and the Tree)
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客户:Illustrator: Paolo Domeniconi
创造年份: 2016

描述:Paolo Domeniconi lives near the city of Modena. After majoring in Arts he worked inthe field of advertising for some years before becoming an illustrator. For Giralangolo hehas illustrated Around the World in 80 days and Grandma’s tractor.

标签: Emigration  Boat people  Roots  Integration   

Amali and the Tree

Amali and the tree is a lyrical picture book in which we’ll get to know Amali, a strong little girl who arrives from a far-away land with her burden of fears, and who will find in her new country many friends, new delicious smells and tastes, and happiness.A bare Tree wandering sadly in the dark, in search of its roots makes Amali remember her journey, that brought her far away from home. She recalls the warm sun of her homeland, but also the fear that used to seize her from time to time. In her new country Amali has many friends, she can experience the startling taste of the snow, and when people say her name, it tinkles like a silver bell.One night the Tree does not come back but she finds a branch full of leaves and flowers on the windowsill: sweet cocoa-smelling flowers, fragrant with the salty scent of sea drops.

The poor Tree wandered, it knocked at the windows.Nobody listen to it. It asked with windy voice if anyone had seen its roots. Nobody answered.

– Why are you crying? – asked Amali– I am sad – answered the Tree –I have lost my roots – I have lost my roots – the Tree repeated – and I do not know where my place is any more –.

When Amali woke up she ran outside, but the Tree was not there any longer.On the windowsill Amali found a branch full of leaves and flowers.Flowers with a sweet and salty flavour.

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