Moon Forehead
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Mah Pari wanted to take off the dress, but the dress fell into the well.

She opened the cottage door and entered to the cottage. The inside of the hut was very crowded. Everything was messy. A demon had sat inside the room and was laughing to Mah Pari.

She saw the Rainbow River in the back of the cottage. She waited until water became white and then she washed her face with the river water.

Suddenly she realized that the air was getting dark. She put one piece of fabric on her forehead. She poured the clothes in the basket and started running towards the house.

Mah Pari who did not like to see her crying, remembered the wish flower. She pulled the flower out of her pocket and put her hand on the flower and said: " O flower of wishes, I have many wishes in this world, but I do not want anyone to be sad. Please dosomething that she has not be crying more.

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