Il principino che scese da cavallo (The Little Prince Dismounts)
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客户:Illustrator: AntonGionata Ferrari
创造年份: 2015

描述:AntonGionata Ferrari, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts "Santa Giulia" of Brescia, collaborated with Italian and foreign publishers winning numerous awards, including the Andersen Prize for best illustrator. Author of illustrations for children and of humorous drawings, he illustrated for Giralangolo The wonderful Pinocchio’s trip by Anselmo Roveda, in the series LeMilleunaMappa.

标签: Stereotypes  Boy  Girl  Gender Expression  externalizing emotions 

The Little Prince Dismounts

Life as a prince is not easy, when you are still a child. Among many duties, youabsolutely have to be able to ride. But the horse is so big, and the little prince is sosmall, that he is ashamed to go around the kingdom on the back of such a big animal.He doesn’t look at anyone and doesn’t greet anybody, hoping that no one will noticehim. This is not the best way to look good! But one day a skinny little girl, with tousledhair and twinkling dark eyes, puts herself in front of the horse until the prince looksup: What’s wrong? Asks he. Guess! She replies. Get off that horse and try to seewhat fun it is to do somersaults in the meadows, laugh out loud and get covered inchocolate. The world looks different seen from down there, you become even nicer...So the horse is happy to graze the grass and gallop freely, the prince discovers whatfun it is to be a child, and a role from which it seemed that he could not escapeproves not so necessary in the end: just wanting to, or trying... can be enou

Being a prince is no easy task, especially when you’re still a child.You are required to:wear uncomfortable clotheslearn proper etiquettework out and keep fitgo fox huntinguse good table mannersfight back tears when you’re scared.

On his birthday, the Child Princereceives an enormous black horse from his parents.It’s name is Bolt, and they spend a lot of time together.

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