The lost bottle
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客户:Laura Martinović
创造年份: 2017.

描述:The story The lost bottle is about a boy that came on a vacattion and lost himself on a wite sea

标签: The lost bottle   boy   white sea   illustration   floating   ring   adventures 

This illustration shows a boy trying to take the smaller bottle where the small fish is.

What happens when he finds out to be lost on the white sea? And around him some unusual fishes are swimming. The only thing he has is that red-white matress ring.

Some time after he has been going where the sea wanted, some whales tried to meet him. He was unusual for them as they were unusal and too big for him.

The lost boy found out there is something quite unusual about this white sea and a glass in front of him.

He wokes up on a beach. Next to him, a fish toy and a small glass bottle. What happened? Where is he now?

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