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Originated from the word , Ye Man,( in English we always say,Uncultivated,),my brand is called Yi Chong. The purpose of creating this brand is to express our feelings as well as ideas about the world. As we all know, we are confined by lots of conventions and always hold an incompatible attitude toward them. On one hand, we want to break away from constraints. While, on the other hand, we are afraid of being speacial. Therefore, I reckon that, instead of wasting time at such entanglement, we should find our own way to live in such a world filling with rules and regulations. Then, we can bravely go wild and uncultivatedly open up our own places.品牌的名字叫亦虫,取自,野蛮,的,蛮,字。创造这一个品牌,主要是想表达自己的一些想法。世界上总有一些条条框框约束着我们,我们既想跳离这个框架,但是又恐慌自己成为另类。对此,我就想说与其在这瞎蹦跶,还不如在这规则的世界里找到适合自己的生存之道,在这规则的世界里野蛮生长,闯出自己的一片天。

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