Climens Espoir
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创造年份: 2017

描述:Chateau Climens 是法国波尔多苏玳产区1855一级贵腐甜白酒庄,被罗伯特•帕特盛赞为独一无二的“优雅之王”。2017年克莱蒙斯酒庄遭遇了几十年不遇的灾害,100%的葡萄被殇冻全部死亡,虽然艰难,但大家依然没有放弃,最后仍然播种了希望。为了纪念这一个年,特别定制了一个限量款名为“希望之光”,寓意着坚韧不变的初心,为众人点亮了心中希望的光芒。这一款限量版包装的重点在于表现纯洁的力量,用细腻的触感,去除多余的修饰,通过简洁精致的细节去突显出她的光芒散发的独特魅力,她像一本记录着历史的书籍,吸引让我们去感受她的故事。

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Climens Espoir

Chateau Climens is an 1855 Premier Cru Classé Sauternes winery in Bordeaux, France. It was praised by Robert Pat as the second-to-none "King of Elegance". In 2017, the Chateau was hit by a disaster that had not happened for decades. Although all grapes were frozen to death by frost, we did not give up. In order to commemorate this year, we specially tailored a limited edition called “Climens Espoir ”(This is a French name, meaning light of hope), symbolizing the perseverance that lights up the hope for all of us. The package of this limited edition focuses on expressing the purity of power. With lessened decorations, the usage of delicate touch highlights the unique charm that summons us to hear its stories. “Climens Espoir” is sacred, pure and full of infinite power. Its existence is for us to bid adieu to the painful memory and to mark this day as we embark on our way forward, the way that shines our light of hope.

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