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客户:MÍN design agent – distributor (Berlin)
创造年份: 2017

描述:The task was the redesign for XIAOMING – a renown design platform for the redesign of their visual identity include finding their new name. After an inspirational creative workshop session, the new name „M Í N“ has been born. The hand-sketched logo of M Í N is based on the concept of open space and box which fits to the selected collection of furniture, lighting and decorative objects by international young designers which are promoted on the platform of „M Í N – Design Agent

标签: MÍN  Design Agent  Product Design  Design Shop  Visual Identity 

M Í N Design Process, Photographer: Zheng Sun Photography

M Í N Logo

M Í N Brand Card

M Í N Catalogue

M Í N Catalogue

M Í N Catalogue

M Í N Gift Card

M Í N Website

M Í N Signage

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