Dark Night Beauties
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客户:Suxin Gao
创造年份: 2018

描述:This work is about lots of drama happened in friendships. I got this inspiration from the unhealthy relationship between me and my friend. We love each other, we hate each other, also hurt each other. I drawing down those images to express is the friendship still worth after the fighting and sacrifice? Do u becomes a worse person or a strong mind person. Is it worth to keep smiling to this friendship? When we under the dark side, is it still had some beautiful view?

标签: friendship  relationship  communicate  fight  love 

How happy to put this mean shoe monster inside this jar! Lots of flowers blooming inside my heat. Ow but I'm a monster too. We all are.

Let's help our friend three linked baby out of this trouble. look they gonna falling down! But can I get the strawberry after helping u?

I'm laboring some fruits on this cake to serve my baby who gonna come here next! I definitely in pain, but still need to smile.

A night out with friends. Let's enjoy the beautiful environment and be happy.

Three gangsters trying to eat those candy worms. And worms also want to be eaten.

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