The case of the beach camp mystery
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客户:Yiannos Economou and Eleni Neocleous
创造年份: 2017

描述:This is an adventure book for children ages 11-14. The story takes place in a meditteranean island during summer in a camp next to a sea.A group of 7 kids who participate in a camp become very good friends and get involved in an adventure against a group of mysterious men.Various characters are acting but the most important of them are the following:- the team of 8 children who are 12 years old (4 girls and 4 boys) and a dog (that belongs to one of the girls). - Three men.

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In this scene, which takes place one summer afternoon at the beach of the Mediterranean island where the story takes place, we have one man named Pavlos saving a young boy named Thomas from a possible drowning in the sea.Τhe man is holding the boy having his hands under the armpits of Thomas pulling him out of the sea. Actually in the story the boy pretended to have drowned so he’s not really exhausted. We can see the child’s face a grimace conspiracy.

The kids and dog have just found Mr Pavlos in a dark cave tied up inside a large sports bag. They have just taken him out of the bag. In the scene Melina is standing a bit shocked looking at the man and his dog is close to the man.

Nicholas, a 12 year old caucasian boy, tall and strong, is holding Myrto, a 12 year old Caucasian girl, from the hands to help her land as gently as possible on a pile of pillows, on their way out of a room’s window. Nicholas is leaning as much as possible outside the window to help the girl get as close to the ground.The girl is hanging in the air not very close to the ground (almost 3 metres). Another boy, Thomas (the one you sketched in the first illustration in the sea), is seen in the room behind Nicholas, holding Nicholas’ waist and legs firmly so as to offer him as much balance and stability when holding the girl.

The six friends are leaving the camp in the night careful not to make any noise as they don’t want to be caught. It’s late at night on a summer day and they are walking outside the camp in complete darkness.

Six of the children are at the beach, midnight, with just a bit of light from the moon (almost full moon). They are around a fire they lit themselves using wood that they collected from the beach. They are holding sticks with marshmallows close to the fire. The children look excited and happy. All children are wearing summer sport clothes

It’s a summer afternoon somewhere in the city. Stephanos is in his house. He is in his room. The room reflects the life of a modern young boy. Stephanos is wearing light summer clothes and he is lying on the bedroom floor. He has prints of photos from his summer vacation at the camp all around him and he is having a look at them while at the same time he’s listening to music. His mobile phone is right next to him on the floor.

This is an illustration showing inside one of the camp houses. It’s summer noon and it’s the first day at the camp. The two children talking are Stephanos and Melina. They are not fighting but there is some tension in their discussion. Stephanos has just said something that Melina didn’t like much. She is threatening him not to reveal to anyone that she brought her dog with her at the camp. The dog is listening to them. The dog is inside a big sports bag as you can see in the draft. All three of them are on the lower bed of a two floor bed furniture. On the bed over them is Myrto. She was listening to music and she took her music earbuds off to try and calm things down.

It’s a summer afternoon, an hour before the sun sets (6:30 pm).In this scene the car is parked outside the camping site which is surrounded by a wooden frame with bougainvillea plant hanging all over it. Inside the camping site there are wooden houses. The car has a flat tyre and the same tyre is inside a pothole in the road. That is why the two men try to take it out of the pothole in order to then replace the flat tyre. One man is sitting inside the car driving while the other man is pushing the car from the back. The man pushing is tall, slim, blond with straight blond hair caught in a short ponytail. At the bottom of his neck he has a small tattoo. He pushes the car in an angry mood swearing. He is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The man inside the car is driving, talking at the man who is pushing. He is also angry and impatient. He is short, a bit fat and round, no hair. He has a small pointy nose and he is wearing a pair of eccentric orange sunglasses. He could be wearing a summer l

It’s morning and the camp time is over. The kids are outside saying goodbye to each other waiting for their parents to pick them up.The farewell time turns to an exciting time (including hi -fives and enthusiasm among the kids). At that moment of excitement the kids decide to name their group K team.All the kids are included in the picture, Stephan’s, Thomas, Michel, Nicholas, Melina, Myrto and Margarita.

It’s night at the beach. The children are trying to discover something in the night. They are at a place at the beach where a lot of reeds grow. They are trying to make their way through the reeds when they see something interesting in front. The dog is kind of leading the way. The three children in front are Stephanos on the right, Melina on the left and Thomas next to the dog. Stephanos looks a bit surprised and worried, Melina is having more of an excited, playful look on her face and she is lighting the way as she is holding the torch. Thomas also seems enthusiastic about their discovery. The dog is anxious to move further and excited. The figures (outline?) of the rest of the children can be seen into the background (Myrto, and Nicholas with Michel holding Margarita to help her walk). All the children wear light sport clothes.

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