the eyes of the others
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创造年份: 2018年5月19日 May 19, 2018

描述:The designing style of my illustration references to the idea of a Chinese folk art named "hairy monkey". "hairy monkey" is a traditional art which combines cicada slough and traditional Chinese medicine. I personally like this abstract artistic image very much. So I learn some ideas about "hairy monkey" and put the image of "hairy monkey" to the 2D illustration, in which the perfect combination of modern art and traditional art formed my style of this illustration.

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有时候鞭策我们向上攀登的是世人的眼光,我们不想让在乎的人失望,不想让周围的人看不起。Sometimes it is the eyes of the others that spur us to climb up. We don't want to disappoint those who care about us, and don't want people around to look us down.

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