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创造年份: 2018年9月13日 September 13, 2018

描述:The designing style of my illustration references to the idea of a Chinese folk art named "hairy monkey". "hairy monkey" is a traditional art which combines cicada slough and traditional Chinese medicine. I personally like this abstract artistic image very much. So I learn some ideas about "hairy monkey" and put the image of "hairy monkey" to the 2D illustration, in which the perfect combination of modern art and traditional art formed my style of this illustration.

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人是矛盾的,经常被各种情绪困扰,因为我们的情绪太复杂才总是感觉不到快乐。Human is contradictory and often troubled by various emotions. It is because our emotions are too complicated that the real happiness is always piled behind them and hard to be discovered.

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