In Red and Black
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客户:Personal project
创造年份: 2018

描述:IN RED AND BLACK series is my tribute to commemorate Red October, The 100 years anniversary of the Bolshevik coup that went into history as The Great October Revolution. What triggered this series was a visit to the expansive exhibit at The Art Institute in Chicago entitled REVOLUTSIA DEMONSTRATSIA. As an illustrator and designer, I have always been inspired by the masters of the Russian Avant Garde, but my series about monsters of the revolution is an attempt to reveal the real face of Bolshevi

标签: book illustration  anti-totalitarian  bolshevik revolution  cultural revolution  dark illustration 

Metamorphosis of Professor Metamorphozov. After Mikhail Bulgakov's story The Heart of Dog.

Arrest. Smoking Break

Death of Kazimir

Down with Love to Our Neighbor. Anatoly Lunacharsky – Commissar of Education and Culture

Military Games. Smoking Break

Nose in Petrograd, 1918. After the Nikolay's Gogol 'Nose'

Interrogation. Death of Poet.

Smoking Break. GULAG Accountant.

Red Caviar. Bolsheviks in Moscow, 1918

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