Sister, can you hear the deep blue of the sea?
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客户:Livraria Lello
创造年份: 2018

描述:This story is the dwelling place of two peculiar sisters: one is deaf and can hear all she sees, all she smells, and tastes, and touches, and therefore, all the silence she listens to. The other can hear everything and hence may choose what really speaks to her; Publication by Livraria Lello, in a combined partnership with the Federação Portuguesa das Associações de Surdos (The Portuguese Federation of the Associations for the Deaf), is intended for both hearers and non-hearers, adults and child

标签: poetry  conceptual illustration  sadness 

My sister’s thoughts are always magical. She has learned to be quite good at the art of magic.

古代中国,戏曲几乎是人们唯一的娱乐方式,戏曲借古说今、抒发情怀。戏曲中的道具、脸谱、服饰和表演的程式到了今天仍然能给我们很大的创作灵感。In ancient China, opera was almost the only entertainment for people.The props, masks, costumes and routines of opera still give us great inspiration today.

Happiness is something we celebrate with our eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the quieter sister will become the warrior; the warrior, the quieter.

And along the verge of the road we tread our path, for my sister enjoys picking flowers by the roadside as she goes by.

My sister trustingly released into the clouds a few of her fears. Strident voices, skeletal shrills, like she’s never ever heard.

Waves crashed upon the shore for her, in silence.

She knows, like nobody else knows, the deep blue of the sea.

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