pink tears
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创造年份: 2017

描述:masterpiece of Chinese literature Dream of Red Chamber,In these illustrations, showing the main story line in this book, which is a love story thought paradise to earth, before life to after life.

标签: "literature"   "fairy"  "romantic"  "fancy"  "chinese"  "magic"  "girly"  "love" 

In this painting, Daiyu and Baoyu at the Land of Illustration, at their previous incarnation, we can see Baoyu's mansion by the magical river, and Daiyu by the right side, where a romantic love story get start. Daiyu was a reincarnated Crimson Pearl Flower that through good care by a Divine Attendant-in-Waiting (Baoyu) was imbued with sentient life.In exchange for this gift, Daiyu followed Baoyu vowed to be reincarnated as a human, for pay back her caregiver ,"The only way in which I could perhaps repay him would be with tears shed during the whole of a mortal lifetime if he and I were ever to be reborn as humans in the world below.

Baoyu's younger first cousin and his love of the life, started live with Baoyu family after the death her parents at around eleven years old. She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent and beautiful, good at writing poems and play Chinese zither.Daiyu is the reincarnation of a flower from previous incarnation, and the purpose of her mortal birth is to repay Baoyu with tears for care and watering her. She dies of a broken heart after learning of the marriage of Baoyu with other. So I draw her into a impression of the little mermaid, after repay her tears to Baoyu, her body dissolves into foam and disappear in the lake, then her soul follow her drifting poem works back to where she come from.

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