Mercury Drop
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客户:Ce Chen
创造年份: 2018

描述:Mercury Drop explores the current feminism movements in China and its impact to modern model of females. It created an environment where identity and actions need to be separated for judging, in order to question the audience: whether principles, boundaries, even laws exists in feminism movements? The flourish of feminism has granted a significant amount of Chinese women an environment that their own desire and demand is respect. However, some traditional ideas and money worship that generated b

标签: illustration  watercolour  feminism  equality  political correctness  current social situation 

Generations of women and men fought for rights for women could choose to pursue their own dreams satisfy their demands without being restricted. Go roll your own dice, decide your own future, believe what you would like to believe.

Attempts of self-benefiting by stimulating contradictions between genders will only cause those whom parts of the movement being submerged by toxic mercury.

Feminism should give us courage to stop men from randomly slut-shaming women based on their bias. But not encourage women to reverse slut-shaming men. Hatred and conflict could only solve the surface problems. A fully victory of equality should be achieved by a comprehensive understanding and respect to each other.

The ideal manner of display.

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