Twelve Flowers
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创造年份: 2012

描述:《Twelve Flowers》Twelve flowers and 365 fragrant days for my love.把十二朵花和365天的芬芳送给我爱的人

标签: watercolor 

《Twelve Flowers -January》Your voice, my friend, wanders in my heart, like the muffled sound of the sea among these listening pines.我的朋友,你的语声飘荡在我的心里,象那海水的低吟声绕缭 在静听着的松林之间。

《Twelve Flowers -February》I have dipped the vessel of my heart into this silent hour; it has filled with love.二月。我把我心之碗轻轻浸入这沉默之时刻中,它盛满了爱了。

《Twelve Flowers -March》We live in this world when we love it.三月。我们在热爱世界时便生活在这世界上。

《Twelve Flowers -April》The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal. 四月。世界对着它的爱人,把它浩翰的面具揭下了。它变小了,小如一首歌,小如一回永恒的接吻。

《Twelve Flowers -May》I cannot choose the best. The best chooses me. 五月。我不能选择那最好的。是那最好的选择我。

《Twelve Flowers – June》Like the meeting of the seagulls and the waves we meet and come near. The seagulls fly off, the waves roll away and we depart. 六月。我们如海鸥之与波涛相遇似地,遇见了,走近了。海鸥飞去,波涛滚滚地流开,我们也分别了。

《Twelve Flowers – July》I sit at my window this morning where the world like a passer--by stops for a moment, nods to me and goes. 七月。我今晨坐在窗前,世界如一个路人似的,停留了一会,向我点点头又走过去了。

《Twelve Flowers – August》Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.八月。使生如夏花之绚烂,死如秋叶之静美。

《Twelve Flowers – September》When the sun goes down to the West, the East of his morning stands before him in silence.九月。 太阳在西方落下时,他的早晨的东方已静悄悄地站在他面前。

《Twelve Flowers – October》You smiled and talked to me of nothingand I felt that for this I had been waiting long.十月。你微微地笑着,不同我说什么话。而我觉得,为了这个,我已等待得久了。

《Twelve Flowers – November》God says to man, "I heal you therefore I hurt, love you therefore punish." 十一月。神对人说:“我医治你所以伤害你,爱你所以惩罚你。

《Twelve Flowers – December》Once we dreamt that we were strangers. We wake up to find that we were dear to each other. 十二月。有一次,我们梦见大家都是不相识的。我们醒了,却知道我们原是相亲相爱的。

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