Monthly Illustrations
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创造年份: 2017-2018

描述:This is a series of illustrations that was intended to use for a calendar. I created an imaginary character, an introvert lady who loves staying home with her cat named Cat. I imagined what this lady would do each month with her cat at home and illustrated them.

标签: calendar  illustration  tax day  halloween  cat  thanksgiving  valentines day. introvert 

February - Valentine's DayThe introvert lady is baking Valentine's Day cookies and cupcakes. Cat is walking on the dough to help her mix the dough!

April - Tax MonthThe introvert lady is filing tax report, and Cat is helping her with the calculation.

October - HalloweenThe introvert witch is making her spooky potions with her assistance, Cat.

November - Thanksgiving The introvert lady is having the Thanksgiving day supper with her friend, Cat, at home.

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