No deforesting and Protect animals
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客户:The 12th international poster triennial in Toyama,
创造年份: 2018

描述:偶然间看到一片被砍伐过的树桩触目惊心,人类为了牟取自身利益而对大自然树木进行大量的乱砍乱伐,对森林里生存的各种动物造成了伤害,摧毁了它们赖以生存的家园。用树桩木纹形成各种动物并结合书写的英文大标题来直观表达,时刻提醒人们禁止砍伐,保护动物,保护家园。It is shocking to accidently seeing a slice of cutted tree stumps. For the sake of its own interests, human beings have made a lot of felling of the trees of nature, causing harm to all kinds of animals living in the forest and destroying their homes on which they live. The wood grain forms the shapes of all kinds of animals and the work combines the wood grain with the En

标签: 第12届日本富山国际海报三年展 

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