My Father Was A Depressed Cat
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客户:Qiujun Chen
创造年份: 2017

描述:This Project is a continuation of my previous project Anti-parents, in which I try to reveal some Chinese family problems. In this project, I made some autobiographic drawings based on my childhood memory.​My father suffered​ from depression for a long time, while I was quite young. This has big effects on me, but nobody in my family want to talk about this anymore. The dark memories tortures me a lot in recent years, especially when I came across problems in intimate relationship. I dreamt a l

标签: Depression  Family  Childhood  One-child Policy  Dream  Death  Autobiography 

I (the cat) am crying in a chrysanthemum field. A dragonfly is on my nose. My house is on fire. The Alien riding a UFO takes my father away. I am in a car searching for him in Darkness. These all happened in 1997.

It is a children's day in my age of five, when my mom and I come back from amusement park and see my father dying on my bed. He takes some pills and his spirits takes time away.

Two mushroom girls are in my father's stomach experiencing a tornado and he is lying in the hospital having his stomach pumped.

There is a saying in China: Hills wearing hats of Clouds is a signal of rain, which means bad things will happen. My father is staring at a hill wearing a hat. He looks worried. A gun hides in the bush beside him.

My mom is standing in the rain, and shielding the house on fire with her body. Her back is wetted by the rain. Her front is burnt by the fire.

In my dream, my father becomes a frog, a frog trying to escape from a mental hospital. He jumps into a pond, but the crazy flowers chase him.

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