The story of the prairie animal/草原动物传奇故事
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创造年份: 2018

描述:Use delicate color lead, combine propylene synthesis material to go up in the rough ancient paper, show the warmth of grassland animal and heroic/用细腻的彩铅,结合丙烯综合材料在粗犷复古的牛皮纸上,展现草原动物的温情与豪迈

标签: Color lead  acrylic composite  kraft paper/彩铅  丙烯综合材料  牛皮纸 

fox mother and father fox in the early winter of the river play/火狐江秋---火狐妈妈和爸爸在初冬的河边嬉戏

The fox and the rabbit ran into each other by the river/火狐江秋---小火狐和野兔在河边偶遇

chi na Enclose rabbits in burrows/狼犬赤那---赤那在地洞里围堵野兔

The Mongolian boy caught the sparrow with a net, and accidentally caught it/狼犬赤那---蒙古男孩用网捕捉麻雀,不小心网到了赤那

Chi na and his master joined forces to rescue the little master who fell into the snow pit/狼犬赤那---赤那和主人合力营救掉到雪坑里的小主人

Chi na's owner rushed to adopt chi na/狼犬赤那---赤那主人急匆匆去找领养赤那

Mongolian boy fetches birds' eggs/老狼保镖--蒙古男孩取高处的鸟蛋

The Mongolian boy fell into the snow pit and his horse watched him in alarm/老狼保镖--蒙古男孩掉进雪坑,他的马惊慌的望着他

The little dog could not find its master, and looked desperately at the sky in the snow/流浪的小牧---小犬找不到主人,在雪中绝望的望着天

The puppy plays with its master when it grows up/流浪的小牧---小犬长大后和主人嬉戏

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