Different forms of life
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创造年份: 2017

描述:This series of illustrations incorporates a girl named Lili into nature. Due to different positions, the perspective of observing life has also changed, and we can think about our lives from a new perspective.


The girl is transformed into a hill, she moves at a slow speed that people can't perceive, and observes the world with an almost fixed perspective. She interacts with the small life of the encounter like a hill, and is also worn by the wind and sand like a hill.

The magic of sighing life, even single-celled organisms that can only be observed with a microscope, grows in a special way. Split, copy, split, copy and regenerate in a simple and powerful form.

This girl turned into a hydroid. She lives quietly in the clear water and enjoys a slow walk. Life is simple, quiet and beautiful. Even if life is short, hydroid will quietly leave memories in a world we can't detect.

The girl became a jellyfish in the dance. She was hugged by the ocean, the bubbles in the sea accompanied herself, and the fish danced for herself.

How do the monsters in the forest live? She plays with the little animals, she is naughty like a child, she guards the forest with wonderful magic.

A girl has many kinds of feelings. She is made up of many souls. Every girl is different.

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