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创造年份: 2018

描述:This is a personal book which is all about LONELINESS, inspired by LAST FLOWERS of Radiohead.Email:


Once upon a time there was a city where people used birds to communicate. There was a girl, her birds were always beautiful, everyone liked to talk to her.

However, she had a secret: what she said at night would only become ugly birds. Unfortunately, she had a habit of unconsciously talking in the sleep.

No one would be willing to receive these birds, so she locked them in cages. But these birds were getting more and more, gradually her house was filled with birds.

One night, she could no longer fall asleep due to these noisy birds. She escaped from home, ran out of the city and ran all the way to the quiet forest.

However, the girl was surrounded by huge birds in the forest. She could not help but yell, and several ugly birds flew out of her mouth again.

These birds flew away with the huge birds. She chased them with fear and curiosity. The birds flew together to trees, and the whole forest fell into silence again.

The girl returned home, she knew where her birds should go.

Finally… she could have a good dream.

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