Yungu Town 云古小镇
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客户:Yungu Town 云古小镇
创造年份: 2018

描述:logo取“云”字与“屋檐”的形态,相融相生,概括简练,应用中logo又演变为小镇的“山”、“水”、“房”,幻化无穷!生动自然!This logo is a simple integration of two similar patterns - “Cloud” and “Eave”, which are the core design of “YUN GU TOWN”. “Cloud” is called “YUN” in Chinese, and “Eave” stands for the ancient buildings in this town.By adding simple elements, this logo is able to evolve into other vivid designs in “YU GU TOWN”, such as “Mountain”, “Rivulet”, “House” and the like.

标签: 品牌设计  云古小镇 

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