Maison Antoine Antoniadis
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客户:Maison Antoine Antoniadis
创造年份: 2010

描述:Antoine Antoniadis is a young talented designer based in Paris, that has managed to build a Fashion house that can stand with its head up compared to its older siblings.Its brand identity system relies on a totally symmetric monogram of its initials, also visualizing the butterfly, symbol of beauty, evolution and metamorphosis. Besides printed materials and stationery, branded patterns on silks and other accessories, the logo was conceived to appear engraved or embossed on bags, shoes, belts and

标签: fashion brand  brand identity  luxury branding  monogram  logo design  pattern design  brand pattern 

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UNKNOW (12/25/11 14:27)
Hello,I come from china,I like your work very much.I also have upload my identity work in this competition.I think we can talk more about this.Thank you.